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Hockey on Antarctic Sea Ice

June 22, 2012

After our ship stopped in the ice near Marble Point in Antarctica, a few of us wandered off the boat where we discovered an interesting ice formation. A large iceberg had become trapped in the sea ice (most likely for years), and looked to have melted and refrozen numerous times during particularly warm summer days.

iceberg overlook

Overlooking the iceberg that created our skating rink.

The melting and re-freezing of the iceberg created a smooth patch of frozen fresh water on top of the sea ice. This fresh water ice formed an ideal ice rink for skating. A few of us had had the foresight to pack our hockey gear for the patrol, and we were eager to test the ice out.

iceberg closer

A closer view of the Iceberg. A few people were already climbing on top of it and checking out the conditions.

Putting on the foil

Trey was one of the first to lace up the skates

A little shaky

He’s off…….but looking a little shaky

Texan ice skating

He is from Texas…..this was about what everyone expected.

playable ice

For the rest of us, the ice conditions were definitely playable.

board crash

Crashing into the boards fortunately wasn’t too painful.

hanging icicles

Fetching the puck out from behind hanging icicles could be a pain.

crawling ice

I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get the puck here.

slap shot

I’m winding up for a slap shot here with the CGC Polar Sea off in the distance.


Skating around the rink

me and m fighting for puck

Me and Mr. M. fighting for the puck

standing next to the ice

One last photo of me next to the iceberg that created our rink


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