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Hockey on Antarctic Sea Ice

After our ship stopped in the ice near Marble Point in Antarctica, a few of us wandered off the boat where we discovered an interesting ice formation. A large iceberg had become trapped in the sea ice (most likely for years), and looked to have melted and refrozen numerous times during particularly warm summer days.

iceberg overlook

Overlooking the iceberg that created our skating rink.

The melting and re-freezing of the iceberg created a smooth patch of frozen fresh water on top of the sea ice. This fresh water ice formed an ideal ice rink for skating. A few of us had had the foresight to pack our hockey gear for the patrol, and we were eager to test the ice out.

iceberg closer

A closer view of the Iceberg. A few people were already climbing on top of it and checking out the conditions.

Putting on the foil

Trey was one of the first to lace up the skates

A little shaky

He’s off…….but looking a little shaky

Texan ice skating

He is from Texas…..this was about what everyone expected.

playable ice

For the rest of us, the ice conditions were definitely playable.

board crash

Crashing into the boards fortunately wasn’t too painful.

hanging icicles

Fetching the puck out from behind hanging icicles could be a pain.

crawling ice

I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get the puck here.

slap shot

I’m winding up for a slap shot here with the CGC Polar Sea off in the distance.


Skating around the rink

me and m fighting for puck

Me and Mr. M. fighting for the puck

standing next to the ice

One last photo of me next to the iceberg that created our rink


ATM in Antarctica

What do you do when you find yourself in Antarctica suddenly a little short on cash? A problem many of us have probably encountered before. Well, there is actually a Wells Fargo ATM located at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Here is my ATM receipt from a withdrawal I made during my first trip there in 2003. Notice no ATM Fee!!!

mcmurdo overlook

Overlooking McMurdo Station

Indonesia 2011

After years of having Indonesia at the top of my to-do travel list, I finally made the trip in November 2011. Mimi was my usual travel partner, so I had to stop by Manila first to meet up with her.

The flight from Key West was quite long as I had connections in Atlanta, Detroit, and Nagoya Japan. I landed in Manila at about 12:30AM on Nov 19. Unfortunately, my luggage didn’t make it for another day and a half.

late bag

After a few days in Manila, it was off to Jakarta! Being the caffeine addict that I am, one of my most anticipated activities in Indonesia was to try some of the local Kopi Luwak which it is claimed is “the most expensive coffee in the world”. The coffee is made by an Asian Palm Civet (a small mammal) eating coffee cherries and then defecating them out onto the jungle floor. Locals then collect the droppings and sell it as super expensive coffee to people with too much money to burn like me.

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak



fruit smoothie

Mimi wasn't as brave as me, and just opted for a fruit smoothie

After our coffee it was time to do some shopping at Plaza Indonesia. Mimi with her sophisticated tastes was upset that the Prada store in Jakarta was still under construction.

Prada Mimi

Poor Mimi

Later it was time to experience the nightlife in Jakarta. We spent the next two nights clubbing at Red Square and B.A.T.S.  Nightlife starts late in Jakarta and I don’t think we even left the hotel room before 11PM. Of course due to the fact that we are both getting up there in years, this required some napping beforehand…..


Around 2AM

Mimi dancing

Mimi looking seductive!

lawnmower man

Showing off my "lawnmower" dance move. Just one of many in my vast repertoire.

After a few days in Jakarta, it was time to move onto Bali. At the airport on our way out of Jakarta I got to try some Oxtail soup.


Oxtail new favorite Indonesian dish.

We arrived in Bali and checked into our hotel “The 101 Legian“.  The hotel was right in the thick of the nightlife in Kuta, only about a quarter mile from the site of the 2002 Bali bombings.

camoflauged Mimi

Mimi's outfit went well with the hotel decor

Bali shirt

I purchased some new threads that screamed "tourist"

We didn’t have much time to relax after arriving in Bali. At 4:45AM the next morning we were up for the Hard Rock Hotel “Rock n Run” 5K race.

Bali 5k

Ready to Run

Mimi Bali 5k

I don't think mimi was as enthusiastic about the race as I was

Rock n Run

Before the race

I think I finished about sixth or seventh place overall out of over 500 runners. Not bad for only getting a few hours sleep the night before. Mimi wasn’t too far behind me. She was the top finisher from the Philippines for sure!

After all the late night clubbing in Jakarta and the Bali 5K, Mimi decided to play up the drama for the cameras with the SalonPas and Advil.

Mimi and Salonpas

Mimi doing her best Gloria Arroyo impression

The next day we decided to do some activities that were less physical. We hired a driver for 12hrs and drove around the island with a mission of  hitting as many temples as possible.



Goa Gajah

Sari Goa

I was required to wear a Sari at Hindu Holy sites


Tanah Lot

At Tanah Lot


Slightly dangerous?

Collecting temple photos around Bali was fun, but the next day it was time to get back to some more adventurous activities. I wanted to go SCUBA diving, but Mimi protested “I can’t swim” and “I’m not strong”. After much debate, I finally caved in and we decided to do the next best thing…..Sea Walking.

Mimi Sea Walker

Mimi at the bottom of the ocean

underwater duo

Underwater Duo

Our last two days in Bali we just hit the beach.


Kuta beach

Bali beach

Kuta beach

Sunset on Kuta

Sunset on Kuta

Our fun in Bali finally ran out and it was back to Jakarta for a night and then on to Manila. We had one last activity planned for there. Timing worked out perfectly in that David Beckham and the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team were making a visit to Manila at the same time we would be there. Mimi diligently reloaded the webpage for ticket sales for hours waiting for them to go on sale. We were rewarded with front row tickets to the game. We were just meters away from Beckham, Donovan, and company as they took on the Philippine national team. Manny Pacquiao was also in attendance at the game.

L.A. Galaxy match

Front row seats